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Wuji Xuan Life Wellness & Spiritual Center
Wuji Xuan Life Wellness & Spiritual Center

Wuji Xuan has a simple mission. Results Over Image with spiritual practices. We are a full service wellness center focusing on building up your mind, body, and spirit utilizing spiritual technologies such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Qigong, Meditation, Chakra & Mantra Work, practical Angel Work, Divination, spiritual herb work, business coaching and more. We believe in a complete synergy and collaboration between our members and teachers to produce the best possible new outcomes in your life through on the ground steps and spiritual tools. Our team has real authorities such as professors at the Ontario College of TCM, published spirituality authors, multi-year business and communication skills including MBAs, Masters of Medical Qigong, community recognized Chinese Folk priests and shamans, Reiki Master Teachers, respected meditation experts, spirituality radio personalities and more.

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